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Journal and pen

“I write to discover what I know.”

— Flannery O'Connor

How one-on-one coaching
can work for you

Do you have a writing project in-process — or want to start one — but need help moving forward and prefer more customized support? Do you want to bounce ideas off someone who knows how to create a good narrative and will focus solely on your work? If so, one-on-one coaching is perfect for you. Together we will develop a coaching strategy tailored to your specific needs and designed to help you achieve your writing goals. With your work at the center, we’ll explore the elements that make up good storytelling and what it takes to develop your author’s voice. You’ll learn how to craft your story idea into a compelling narrative that comes to life through interesting, believable characters. You’ll also receive writing exercises and prompts designed specifically for you.

"The instruction I’ve received from Andrea has been a breakthrough for me. It’s not just instruction or coaching she provides, but inspiration. She’s able to work from low-level to high, and her love of writing enabled new life in my words, improving my voice while uncovering possibilities. I look forward to more sessions with her."


Author, "Free Range: This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” and “The Uploading of Bridgett”

One-on-one coaching is right for you if you want a customized approach to

✔ Developing a writing practice that works for you

✔ Learning how to identify a story idea and develop it into a compelling narrative

✔ Selecting the best genre for your work

✔ Building an effective story arc

✔ Creating interesting, believable characters

✔ Writing authentic dialogue that advances your storyline

✔ Choosing the right voice, tone, and style

Book Editing and Ghostwriting

Does my story idea work? Does my written narrative flow and make sense? Will readers engage with my characters, or stumble over dialogue? These are key questions every author asks. And whether you have a completed manuscript, a series of disparate chapters, or just a jumble of paragraphs, I can help you weave it all together into a single, polished piece.

I offer a range of editing services, from developmental and substantive editing (structure, plot flow, sequencing, pacing, narrative and character arcs), to copy and line editing.

And if you have a brilliant story idea you’d like me to develop and bring to life with you, I am available for ghostwriting.

Let me know how I can help.

Person typing on a laptop




✔ 2 sessions per month, 45 minutes each.

✔ Perfect for writers who have a manuscript in process but want someone with whom they can talk through ideas, identify and overcome obstacles, or bring accountability to their creative process (writing is a solitary endeavor, and it’s hard sometimes being your own boss).



✔ 3 sessions per month, 45 minutes each.

✔ Great for writers who need a bit more support. Use the additional session to explore story ideas, plot lines, and characters; to break through writer’s block; or to address any other writing issues that prevent you from achieving your goals.

✔ Support between sessions via email, text, and Voxer.



✔ 4 sessions per month, 45 minutes each.

✔ 1 hour of developmental/line editing per month to examine elements such as structure and plot flow, sequencing, pacing, point-of-view, and character arcs.

✔ Ideal for writers who are just getting started on a project and are looking for insights and strategies to get them on track for writing success. The additional session and the hour of developmental editing provide that extra support to bring your writing to magnificent life.

✔ Support between sessions via email, text, and Voxer.


All coaching packages include:

✔ One-on-one coaching that is entirely yours. The time can be used for discussion, editing, critiquing, developing an idea or a character — whatever you need to achieve your writing goals.


✔ Writing prompts and exercises to help you unleash your creative power.


✔ An initial three-month commitment, and then month to month, working together as long as you want.

Not sure which to choose? Don’t fret. If the package you select doesn’t work for you, you can switch to another so you get exactly the support you need.

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