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You are the most important person you will ever meet, and this interactive course will teach you how to use writing as a tool for getting to know yourself better. More than journaling, this course focuses on developing your author’s voice, establishing a regular writing practice, and using techniques designed to open pathways to your psyche. Whether you’re interested in writing a memoir or simply seek to better understand what makes you tick, In Your Own Words is for you if you want to explore your life story, develop your personal narrative, or delve into the beliefs you hold about yourself and your place in the world. In this course you will discover ways to mine your life experience for unique and compelling story ideas, or simply to examine those experiences through a different lens to become better acquainted with your authentic self. Each course session includes a group writing exercise and a selection of writing prompts for individual work at home. Participants who choose to do so are welcome to share their work with the group.

This course can be customized for different groups, settings, and writing abilities.

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"Among Andrea’s many gifts is her genuine interest in people and their stories. She is a skilled and compassionate professional writer who also happens to be one of the wisest, most thoughtful and warmhearted women I know. I can think of no better company to be in when I am feeling brave enough to explore the depths of my feelings and life experiences."


Author of the children’s book “S is for Solvang: an ABC”


In Your Own Words:
Reframing, Reclaiming & Rewriting Your Narrative
is for you if you want to

✔ Use writing as a creative outlet for self-expression
✔ Develop a writing practice that works for you
✔ Examine the beliefs and stories you hold about yourself
✔ Become more aware of who you are and connect with your authentic self

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